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How to properly maintain semi trailers?

Time:2019-08-13 17:39

 At present, the application of semi-trailer can be said to be very extensive, but the maintenance of semi-trailer for most people is a problem, the following semi-trailer manufacturers show you how to correctly maintain the semi-trailer.

Correct maintenance of semi-trailer should be done from engine coolant, battery, tire and semi-trailer brake fluid.

  If the engine of the semitrailer is in a hot engine state, do not open the radiator cover, otherwise it may spill coolant or high-temperature steam and burn the skin.

  Correct maintenance of the semi-trailer to observe the level of brake fluid can also be achieved, brake fluid in high and low between the normal, but if the liquid level near the lower limit or below the lower limit, indicating excessive wear of brake shoes, should be timely maintenance.

Semi trailer maintenance

  To ensure that the correct maintenance of the battery semi-trailer is not omitted, to check whether the battery is solid, electrolyte to be placed between the upper and lower limits, the longer the vehicle to remove the battery positive and negative cables.

  Correct maintenance of the semi-trailer also need to check the tires of the semi-trailer, check the tire pressure at room temperature, if the pressure is lower than the normal standard should be timely supplementary tire pressure.

  Through these points, the semi-trailer can be properly maintained. I believe this will help you. For more information on semi-trailers, please follow the official website of Shouda Automobile:

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