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What kinds of semi-trailers are there?

Time:2019-08-13 16:57

  Semi-trailer is a trailer with axles placed behind the center of gravity of the vehicle, and is equipped with a coupling device which can transfer horizontal and vertical forces to the tractor. Semi-trailer manufacturers said that there are many types of semi-trailers, the following we have a brief understanding of the various types of semi-trailers.

  Storehouse semitrailer

  The loading part of storehouse semitrailer is designed with palisade structure. It is mainly used for the transportation of agricultural and sideline products and other light foam goods.

  Reasonable design of the barn semi-trailer can fully reduce the weight of the carriage under the condition of meeting the load. Its structure is simple and applicable. It is also very convenient to disassemble and reduces the investment cost of users.

  The frame of barn semi-trailer is a space frame structure composed of longitudinal beam and integral through beam. This structure can balance the strength, stiffness and toughness of the frame, and has strong bearing capacity.

  A new type of suspension system is adopted in the barn semi-trailer, which has high strength, strong impact resistance and balanced load on each shaft. The reasonable design of the pull rod angle of the system makes the semi-trailer reduce the friction and sliding distance between the tire and the ground, effectively reduce the tire wear and tear, at the same time adjust the pull rod, adjust the wheelbase, and effectively avoid the tire eccentric running-in and gnawing wheel.

Types of semitrailer

  Barrier semi-trailer

  The loading part of the rail semi-trailer is the rail structure, which is mainly suitable for medium-to-heavy and bulk cargo transportation. The rail semi-trailer has strong applicability.

  The semi trailer has reasonable structure, reliable performance, simple operation and beautiful appearance.

  Container semi-trailer

  The loading part of container semi trailer is container structure. It is mainly used for port, route, highway, transit station, multimodal transport logistics system.

  Container semi-trailer is specially used for the transport of various containers, can be used repeatedly for a long time, with sufficient strength.

  Low flat semitrailer

  Low-flat semi-trailer has a wide range of structures and cargo, which is suitable for the transportation of a variety of mechanical equipment or non-disassemblable large-scale goods and equipment.

  The low-flat semi-trailer has flat, concave beam and tire exposed structure, and the longitudinal beam adopts flat or gooseneck type. The frame is ladder type, and the section of the longitudinal beam is I-shaped, which has the characteristics of high strength.

  The above lists only some types of semi trailers. Actually, there are many kinds of semi trailers. Shouda Automobile is engaged in semi-trailer production, research and development, sales in an integrated company, if you have semi-trailer demand welcome to come to us!

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