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  The first automobile always regards human resources management as an important part of the whole enterprise management. Adhering to the "people-oriented, common cause" management concept, adhere to the "clear responsibilities, competence, pay reasonable" management policy, to provide employees with a good career stage.

  We implement the post competition mechanism, activate the talent precipitation layer through internal unexpected employment and external selection, and promote outstanding talents to emerge, so as to realize the effective development and rational allocation of human resources. The company has set up a complete incentive mechanism in introducing, absorbing, cultivating and using talent management. Through the implementation of specific salary and welfare benefits, training, performance appraisal, talent echelon construction and other measures, we can continuously improve the quality of employees and optimize the personnel structure.

  The company firmly believes that the effective development and management of human resources is the long-term needs of sustainable development of enterprises, the establishment of streamlined and efficient, fair competition, and motivation mechanism is the first goal to pursue.

  The company adheres to the "people-oriented" humanistic management thinking, advocating the principle of equal treatment of all employees in the personality, if there is a distinction between high and low moral character, ability, not position. So we provide an equal and harmonious working environment for every employee.

  In order to give full play to the role of the backbone of the company's echelon of core talent, establish a backup mechanism for talent hematopoiesis, the company implements the backup management of talent echelon construction, to create a good learning and training environment for employees, to achieve the purpose of lifelong learning.

  The rapid development of the company depends on the spirit of cooperation and unremitting efforts of all the staff. We sincerely invite you to join us, let us work together to create a new chapter of Shouda Automobile Company!